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Acceptance Cone

   The amount of light that can be coupled into the core through the external acceptance angle is directly proportional to the efficiency of the fiber-optic cable. The greater the amount of light that can be coupled into the core, the lower the bit error rate (BER), because more light reaches the receiver.

  The attenuation a light ray experiences in propagating down the core is inversely proportional to the efficiency of the optical cable because the lower the attenuation in propagating down the core, the lower the BER. This is because more light reaches the receiver. Also, the less chromatic dispersion realized in propagating down the core, the faster the signaling rate and the higher the end-to-end data rate from source to destination. The major factors that affect performance considerations described in this paragraph are the size of the fiber, the composition of the fiber, and the mode of propagation.
  Signals weaker than 1 mW have negative dBm values, whereas signals stronger than 1 mW have positive dBm values.


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