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Capabilities consideration of the Simulation Optical Multiplex and Digital Optical Multiplex

 1, That reviews and even end product touching in Simulation indicator is without a doubt different, generated video recording, stereo, knowledge indicator altered, aberrated, interupted.

three, Simulation Optical Multiplex  ships multi-channel indicator all in one go they'll contribute to intermodulation distortion.
Digital Optical Multiplex ships that online digital indicates, present recycle on high number and even fails to intrude in concert.
3, Distinctive equilibrium
Simulation Optical Multiplex switches into insurance company modulation, insurance company and even bald might readily encouraged as a result of background warmth.
Sopto could very well offer you Digital Video Multiplex through video ports, audio ports and data ports. That vents will be forth, backward and bidirection, to order a Digital Video Multiplex, you ought to give some thought to everything that do the job you'll be wanting and even figure out how much vents do you want to.


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