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EPON is always core, GPON concentrate on high-end

 This tendency connected with new marketplace state of EPON and GPON is usually happening more often all over again,, while that conflict never ever ended, That conflict making some people think mixed up in addition to demand with foreseeable future connected with the way the  PON technology  movements evolute, of course, the item is related to one's destiny progress connected with establishments in addition to likes and dislikes. That's core technological know-how we know, what is considered this deferent connected with every day in addition to dangerous? Gurus include many vistas, persons are not able to decide. Although within the every day current market, in person imagine that China FTTH technology  development path can be quite distinct, that's EPON will remain the  mainstream, GPON positioning high-end market.


fast ethernet media converter

audio fiber optic cable

pdh optical multiplexer



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This is Gavin from Shenzhen H-Net Technology Co.,Ltd, a company is not far away from Huawei.
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