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Just what is Fiber Optical attenuator ?

Fiber optical attenuator, can be a damping system utilized to corrosion mild strength, it really is mostly employed for fiber optic system index measurement, quick length connection method sign attenuation and also method analyze etc.
Fiber optical attenuator , typically speaking,is light-weight, tiny amount, large accuracy and reliability, excellent stableness, hassle-free utilize etc. It really is separated directly into repaired, hierarchical varied sort, steady variable.
Variable Fiber optical attenuators are employed regarding optical way of measuring. Inside the way of measuring regarding optical radio level of sensitivity, typically input it inside optical radio feedback conclusion, utilized to alter how big is the particular obtaining optical strength. Any time useing fiber optical attenuator, it takes to help keep the surroundings clear and also dried up, protect excellent defensive cover right after useing. Soft movements, it really is totally disallowed to be able to accident.