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The application of the rack-mounted ethernet media converter


1, the inter-switch links.

2, this interconnection between the switch and the computer.

3, this interconnection concerning computers.

4, the transfer relay: In the event the precise sign mileage is usually in excess of affordable sign mileage connected with ethernet media converter, particularly when the exact sign mileage is usually in excess of 120Km, with regards to web page disorders make it possible for, applying a couple ethernet media converter here we are at here we are at this inform or maybe the employment of optic - optic ethernet media converter inform, is usually a incredibly cost-effective answers.

5, a single multi-mode conversion: as soon as communities has a sole network, having a multi-mode ethernet media converter and single mode ethernet media converter back-to-back connection to clear up the condition connected with a single multimode fiber conversion.

6, WDM transmission: as soon as deficit of long-distance fiber optic cable methods, as a way to improve utilization of fiber optic cable, cutting down the purchase price, the ethernet media converter and wavelength division multiplexing can be employed along with, for making this two-way facts sign from the similar linens.
In recent years, with the development of the fiber optical industry ethernet media converter togethere with pcie network cards,fiber adapter,fiber optic attenuator, SFP transceivers, , patch cords, have been widely applied.



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