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Fiber media converter varieties relating to the Working level


100M fiber media converter: work at the physical layer,
10/100M adaptive fiber media converter: work at the data link layer

Good working level might be broken down straight into 10M fiber media converter, 100M fiber media converter, 10/100M adaptive fiber media converter and 1000M optical fiber media converter. 10M and 100M fiber media converter solutions act on the physical layer; these layer converter solutions send files by simply touch. While using rewards of high speed, high transparent and low latency, suitable for the link that rate is fixed, on account of this sort of units and not using a assessment course of action prior to standard transmission, in order that it features greater compatibility and stability.

10/100M fiber media converter act on the data link layer, this layer of fiber media converter utilize a store-and-forward mechanism, important things about this specific mechanism can be many miscalculation support frames might be stopped while propagate inside multilevel, having up valuable network resources, plus could reduce packet loss a result of network congestion, if your data link can be condensed, store-and-forward could keep your data that will are not able to be capable of send for the converter cache, expecting your multilevel can be not doing anything after which it forwarded. This specific is not going to slow up the prospects for files clash and also guarantee your stability involving files indication, 10/100M fiber media converter is suitable pertaining to develop a fixed link rate. 1000M fiber media converter good true have to have perform in the physical layer or data link layer.
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