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Sopto is definitely CWDM optic fiber transceiver constructor


 Mux (Multiplexer) products put together quite a few details information within a person to get driving for a solo roughage. Demux (Demulitplexers) split a information along at the alternative ending. Each one point what food was in another type of wavelength. WDM considerably adds to the total capacity with models.

Sopto is actually a construct that promises narrow flick pool filter CWDM module  to get precise wavelengths and also bandz with wavelengths to get uses out of long term to FTTP (fiber to the premise) applications. All these pieces is often incorporated into segments in order to reach shopper wants. We provide CWDM element by using various kinds of Fiber Connectors and Fiber patch cord  span plus various stainless hose program and also ordinary common box program in order to reach a person's condition
Sopto produces 1x4, 1x8, 1x6 CWDM Module and 1 channel, 2 channel, 4 channel CWDM Add/Drop multiplexer Module . Our CWDM modules will be tweaked by way of wide variety of options to get a shopper -specify siphon system, that will often be involved by using taps plus alarms for your entire CWDM solution.
Besides CWDM Module, Most people in addition have fiber adapters, fiber attenuators , PLC Splitter for your personal use. When you've got every demand from customers, come to feel free to get hold of sales@sopto. com.