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Sopto is usually CWDM optic fiber transceiver manufacturer


 Mux (Multiplexer) products merge various facts impulses in just one intended for shipping spanning a sole linens. Demux (Demulitplexers) different this impulses for the different conclude. Just about every indicate is in a new wavelength. WDM enormously improves the volume connected with programs.

Sopto is usually a production that has lean picture separate out CWDM module  intended for unique wavelengths or maybe artists connected with wavelengths intended for apps by long haul to FTTP (fiber to the premise) applications. Most of these ingredients is usually built-into web theme to meet up with purchaser prerequisites. You can expect CWDM component having different types of Fiber Connectors and Fiber patch cord  time-span in addition to suggested stainless steel tubing offer or maybe typical pack offer to meet up with ones qualification
Sopto produces 1x4, 1x8, 1x6 CWDM Module and 1 channel, 2 channel, 4 channel CWDM Add/Drop multiplexer Module . Our CWDM modules usually are put together by means of volume of programmes for virtually every purchaser -specify sales channel approach, which enables it to possibly be bundled having taps in addition to sensors for just a finish CWDM solution.
Besides CWDM Module, Most of us likewise have fiber adapters, fiber attenuators , PLC Splitter on your app. In case you have almost any desire, think unengaged to call sales@sopto. com.