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The rule of fiber optic modem


Your rule in the a variety of fiber optic modem will be the very same. fiber optic modem can be comprised of optical transmitter and the receiver. In the transmitter end, the analog signal in the buyer by way of zooming, A / D conversion, multiplexing, after which it it can be by way of the electrical / optical conversion for you to turn electrical signals into optical signals which could send through optical fiber, last but not least transported for you to the receiver.

Your control can be complete opposite with the receiving end, the 1st go through the optical / electrical conversion for you to turn your received optical signal into electrical signals, and then demultiplexing signal, lastly over the D / A and zoom filter Boo on the buyer.

For the fiber optic modem manufactory, you'll be able to have confidence in Sopto, it is just a reputable manufactory that can present not simply using protocol converter, but also other related products such as media converter,PCI-E network card,fiber optic transceiver, patch cord and the like.



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