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Sopto's Items with regard to Storage Attached Network(SAN)


Storage Attached Network(SAN) is really a quick social networking specifically allowing you to connect information storge products in order to machines. It's a devoted system that's individual through LANs and WANs. This includes a assortment of SAN Hardware and SAN software; the actual equipment usually offers higher inter-connection prices between your numerous storage space products and also the software program handles, screens as well as configures the actual SAN.
Sopto supply the complete type of items with regard to SAN software, such as:
1. Fiber modules with 1Gb/s,2Gb/s,4Gb/s and 8Gb/s speed rate for fiber channel(FC).
two. SFP+ passive and active Cable
3.MiniSAS,QSFP+, CX4 and XFP high frequencey cables.
4. Pci-e network cards with regard to machines
HEWLETT PACKARD, EMC, NetApp, Brocade, DELL, Cisco since the globally innovator within storage space systems items as well as options, their own Storage space provides the actual versatile, open up, standards-based storage space national infrastructure methods to allow your own Adaptive National infrastructure. Just about all of Sopto's SAN products tend to be suitable for these types of well-known manufacturer equpiments perfectly.
Encouraged a person arrived at e mail us with regard to additional particulars, we're certain that you're walking the very best items you'll need.