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GPON and EPON technologies tackled in various areas

 Dietary fiber entry systems accounts the entire broadband optical system 70% expense, with the actual diversity from the software atmosphere, the option associated with entry technologies can also be divided to use the biggest fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and fiber to the building (FTTB) may select GPON and EPON/10G EPON technology. This season may be the very first "bumper year" associated with FTTH, and then 12 months technologies in line with the 10G EPON FTTB is going to be size improvement.

Upon lately kept optical network  seminar ,China Telecom Science and Technology Committee Wei Leping stated, within 2011, China Telecom FTTx port number surpasses the amount of ADSL plug-ins, brand new FTTH customers going above FTTB; 2012, The far east Telecommunications stop brand new initiatives associated with DSLAM as well as EPON,OLT,start to advertise GPON-based FTTH building; 2015, The far east Telecommunications may accomplish full dental coverage plans from the the southern area of town associated with 20M dietary fiber optic broadband, FTTH addressing 70% from the families, The far east Telecommunications FTTH quantity of customers may achieve thirty zillion in order to thirty-five zillion.

Switching that entry technologies ought to be select in various moments, Wei Leping believe, within the brand new area from the town, is going to be primarily depending on GPON FTTH; during higher person denseness as well as set up price, bandwidth needs, large liquidity picture, FTTB depending on EPON offers abvious price benefit as well as reduce expense dangers, particularly the actual entry benefit when compared with 10G EPON within FTTB situations customers 20M.


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