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What’s CWDM Mux and Demux?


The particular sopto CWDM Mux and Demux modules are usually passive optical multiplexers and also demultiplexers, enabling multiple optical signals with diverse wavelengths to pass through any single optical fiber.

The particular CWDM Mux / Demux module is founded on dielectric thin-film engineering made for integration inside low priced. Such as software these kinds of as fiber for the residence, enterprise or perhaps control. The particular module enables 4 or 8 channels being both combined (added) or separated (dropped). The filters operate together with a channel spacing regarding 20nm corresponding to be able to common CWDM wavelengths. The particular Sopto’s CWDM Module provides lower installation loss, high channel isolation, flat passband.

CWDM Mux and Demux are employed simply by twos. The particular mux modules have got numerous inputs and also a single output and vice versa, i.e., the Demux modules use a individual feedback and also multiple outputs.

The Mux inputs and Demux outputs are usually matched, in line with the twos regarding optical frequencies / wavelengths furnished by common SFP modules. This permits effortless usage of duplex patch cords involving the product and also the SFP transmitters or receivers. Meaning Tx and Rx inside each and every module.
SFP transceivers are usually used with Switches, PCIe network cards and fiber media converters, CWDM and DWDM equipment, PDH multiplexers etc. Sopto could provide thousands of SFP transceivers from 300m up to 120km.



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