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Patriot Bolt USB Drive Offers Serious Protection for Your Data

 In addition to the USB drive actually having a metal casing, the patriot Bolt also features 256bit hardware based encryption on board offering users some serious protection for their data that stored on it. The Bolt has speeds up to 30MB/s read and 12MB/s write and comes in sizes ranging from 4gb to 64gb. It’s a password protected drive that will essentially self-destruct after 10 failed password attempts, deleting all of the data on the drive.Patriot’s Bolt series features hardware based 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a  512/2048-bit RSA engine for user authentication. Designed for consumer and small to medium-size business users, Patriot’s Bolt Series comes in a durable, yet compact metal casing. 256-bit AES hardware based encryption is widely recognized as a standard for data privacy, and with this feature built into the Bolt, users are comforted with the knowledge that their data is secure even from attempts to dismantle the drive to gain access to individual NAND flash chips  .

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