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Safe installation of high power patch cords in laser to fiber delivery systems:

 Important: Before using Sopto'fibers  with your equipment, make sure that you understand all operating and safety instructions forwarded to your source. Sopto is not chargeable for any damage or harm caused by wrong use of either the laser or of sopto devices.

1. Before attaching the provided fibers to your system, inspect the input and output connector ends. The endfaces should be clean, shiny, and as free from contamination as possible. If not, clean the ends as outlined in the section called Maintence. Check the fiber ends both before connecting the fiber and also after disconnecting the fiber. It is very straightforward for contaminates to be transferred from conne ctor to another if one is not careful.
2. To avoid damage to the fibers being used, turn the origin off, or reduce the power level to less than 50mW before attaching the fiber. If any optics have to be arranged, then perform the initial positioning at low power (<50mW). Only after the optics are fully arranged and closed should the laser power be increased.
3. It is recommended that the laser power be increased by only 0. 25 T every little bit, and that the output power from the fiber should be administered, to ensure that the coupling efficiency is not changing with power.
4. Do not use any listing matching gel, place locking fluid, or any lubricants with the connector. Do not utilization in the presence of chemical toxins or oils.


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