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Sopto is a CWDM optic fiber transceiver maker

 Mux (Multiplexer) products blend many info signs directly into a single regarding carrying more than a individual soluble fiber. Demux (Demulitplexers) independent the particular signs on the some other conclusion. Each and every sign are at an alternative wavelength. WDM tremendously enhances the ability regarding methods.

Sopto can be a make that gives slender motion picture filtration CWDM module  regarding certain wavelengths or perhaps groups regarding wavelengths regarding software coming from long haul to FTTP (fiber to the premise) applications. These kinds of parts may be incorporated into web template modules to fulfill consumer specifications. Currently CWDM element together with numerous kinds of Fiber Connectors and Fiber patch cord  size and also recommended metal conduit package deal or perhaps common package package deal to fulfill the need
Sopto produces 1x4, 1x8, 1x6 CWDM Module and 1 channel, 2 channel, 4 channel CWDM Add/Drop multiplexer Module . Our CWDM modules are usually designed simply by variety of programs for almost any consumer -specify route program, and will become built-in together with taps and also alarms to get a full CWDM solution.
Besides CWDM Module, We all provide fiber adapters, fiber attenuators , PLC Splitter to your program. When you have virtually any requirement, sense absolve to make contact with sales@sopto. com.