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Sopto is actually a fiber pigtail constructor

 Fiber pigtail  is definitely roughage ending by using high optical quality. Fiber pigtails are being used to quickly attain genuine installing to get finely-detailed stance with fiber optical components.

For your high optical quality fiber ends, and also further more want with stratum for surface types, and also with genuine installing to get finely-detailed stance to get collimating uses, your simple resolution will be to glue a bare fiber to the core of a glass capillary. This provides a method with straightforward taking on, becoming a improved accomplish.

In making a fiber pigtail, a bare fiber is definitely glued to your main on the window ferrule. A expenditure section of your window ferrule will likely be blanketed by using anti-reflection (AR) stratum and it's lustrous in an direction to quickly attain ultra-high gain great loss. Which has an 8° direction lustrous pigtail fiber, a gain great loss is definitely above 65dB. Large wedge direction can offer an improved gain great loss.

Sopto presents a series of high-quality single and dual fiber pigtails by using ambitious amount. Some examples are single fiber pigtail to get Fiber Collimators, Optical Isolators, optical switches, Fiber circulators, and dual fiber Pigtail for WDM module, hybrid isolators, compact fiber circulators, etc. A standard fiber pigtail  will be with 8° angled by using AR-coating during 1550nm, 1310nm and also either wavelengths. Customized fiber pigtails (fiber tips)  by using several wedges, stratum, plus ferrule span are obtainable with require.


connector for fiber optic cable

fiber optic multiplexer



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