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Thermaltake Launches LUXA2 MiniCinema iPad Mini Case

 Do you take your iPad mini everywhere with you, including the in the car? Do you use your mini for in car entertainment? If so then you might want to check out the latest case from Thermaltake, the Luxa2 MiniCinema that comes with a nice strap to help you hold it but the strap can also be used in your car to attach it to the headrest and you can use it as a monitor for watching movies etc.    LUXA2, a premier designer and manufacturer of unique and functional mobile accessories including holders and cases, is proud to announce a brand new iPad mini accessory for in-car entertainment – MiniCinema iPad mini Case.Turn your iPad mini into a personal in-car entertainment system with MiniCinema iPad mini case. This leather case securely holds the iPad mini, and the adjustable elastic strap on the back of the case wraps around the car’s headrest. The iPad mini is positioned nicely on the back of the headset for passengers to watch videos, brows the web, play games and more while riding.The elastic strap also works as a convenient hand grip to provide extra security when holding the iPad mini.