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Video Optical Digital Optical highway monitoring system

 There are three highway toll stations, toll stations, sub-centers and centers. This seems to be a phase separation structure, but it is efficient centralized management. All charging stations away from the monitoring center, monitoring systems need to upload the image, so point to point is not an ideal optical transceiver for image transmission, highway toll station application of multi-channel video image transmission traffic node machine level associated nitrogen toll station video matrix switch 2 (or 3,4) of the video image transmitted to the monitoring center via video node consists of a core fiber optic transceivers cascade form. At the same time, the monitoring of the charging station (frame, lens, and matrix switch, etc.) reverse control data transmission, the charging station to provide a data channel.

The main purpose of the the highway video transmission system is the front-end video signal and control signal transmission using fiber optic transceiver systems, road management center. For example, XFP and X2 Modules.

This section in particular roads, video signals, including road surveillance, monitoring and control tunnel monitoring and control center monitoring information. Road monitoring the main entrance road crowded area the accident prone area.Tunnel monitored object lane tunnel, portal, whim and distribution channels.

Images and characters within the tunnel is very decentralized and centralized, the picture is decentralized and centralized, perhaps only a few hundred meters out of the tunnel road image, a few kilometers long tunnel up to hundreds of images, a distance of 120 meters between each image to 150 meters.

The road surveillance images more complex. To comprehensively monitor is in the interval of about 2 km from the image, which is what kind of characteristics are more dispersed.

Since these images will directly reflect the actual traffic conditions, the proposed fiber optic transceiver system to monitor each point on the road within the sub-centers. Generally speaking, we should use the real-time digital image compression, and the optical transmission of optical transceivers become our first choice.



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