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VOSCOM Fiber Optic Transmission System

   The city-state of Singapore is one of the wealthiest and most densely-populated nations in the world. Its MRT rail network forms the backbone of the city's public transport system.

  The government is currently expanding the network through the introduction of the Circle Line (CCL), a fully-underground orbital line connecting all the MRT routes into the city, at a cost of US$6.7 billion.Set for completion in 2010, CCL will be 33.3 km long with 29 stations. Its purpose is to cut traveling time by enabling commuters to bypass busy interchanges.The primary goal of the Land Transport Authority of Singapore is to provide the population of around 4.5 million, plus its 10 million yearly visitors, with a safe, efficient, and comfortable means of public transportation.On completion, the CCL is expected to carry around 500,000 commuters. It will also be used by a large volume of tourists, the numbers of which are anticipated to increase with the imminent opening of two new integrated (casino and theme park) resorts in the city.With such a high passenger flow, the monitoring and management of crowd control is of paramount importance.


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