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Which factors can affect compatibility of SFP Transceivers

 As per some of our working experience, you will still find many users don’t fully understand or simply don’t believe OEM or simply any such working SFP Transceivers  worldwide. Once we chatted with each other related to some of our their late twenties piece working SFP modules meant for cisco together with other famed type for example Juniper, HEWLETT PACKARD, extraordinary. Several don’t believe or simply mistrust with regards to the compatibility. At this point I would really prefer to elucidate any compatibility for our SFP modules In and that you will gain knowledge of straightforward about Sopto’s SFP modules.

Compatibility relies on several things; Earliest, should any SFP require DDM function? Following, should any hold machines test any IDENTITY passcode together with shut released any such features? Without doubt with some of our working experience, the majority Cisco heart machines together with routers undertake shut released basically Cisco ID SFP modules. People wouldn't have an in depth listing of what Cisco equipment should together with is not going to shut released 1 / 3 party SFP. In order to be familiar with undoubtably could be to check out an authorized module and see if the hold machines rejects it all. {SFP lockout feature】, probably due to customer complaints and possible FTC (federal trade commission, USA) pressure to stop monopolizing the SFP market for their equipment. However, most Cisco equipment over three years old all have the lockout function. We do not have any compatibility information for Juniper equipment either. Remember, the compatibility has nothing to do with the functions of the transceiver, only in recognizing ID code and selecting to lock out third party SFP or not.
Till now, we did not get any negative feedback from our customers for our compatibility SFP Transceivers..


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