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Who is the biggest ONU market winners in 2012

 In 2011, ONU transmission equipment expenditure occupy 92% of the

the overall ONU hardware market, the rest 8% is
ONU switching equipment. Huawei is in
leading position in both two big markets. According to the analysis, the Chinese owner
take the lead to plan and deploy the all ONU network in the world, deploy
ONU switching equipment in large-scale, which are huawei gain benefits.


Ovum network structure department deputy general manager
Dana Cooperson said: "Ruled out their performance this one fourth
, we can see, we are promoting our leading position
of 100G, and at the same time, its comprehensive ONU solve
plan is hard to make progress. We predict Huawei will come on the stage strongly through its new effective 100G technology in 2012,
just as its 40G just last year. inch.




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